Meet the Staff

  • Matt Beatty, Sports and Activities Center Manager

    • Matt Beatty, Sports and Activities Center Manager

      Matt Beatty began his career at the Bay Club in 2012 as a member of the tennis staff during the summer months.  After graduating from High Point University with a degree in Exercise Science focused in strength and conditioning in 2016, Matt took on his new role as Fitness Trainer.  He was named Sports and Activities Center Manager in 2017. 

      Matt hosts classes for all ages who are interested in improving their health, fitness, strength and durability.  He strives to provide members with the necessary tools they need to accomplish their fitness goals. This includes helping members with the proper form and technique when exercising as well as providing them with a program to follow as they move forward. 

      Matt also serves as our Seasonal Racquets Activities Director, organizing Paddle events and providing instruction for the winter months.  

  • Diana Piscitelli, Fitness Trainer
    • Diana Piscitelli, Fitness Trainer

      Diana possesses multiple fitness certifications and has extensive experience in the Health and Fitness industry, specializing in corrective exercise and will be working closely with Director of Fitness, Matt Beatty in the Fitness Center.

      With over 15 years of professional experience, she is trained to recognize and correct muscular imbalances that stem from past injuries, repetitive day-to-day motions or bad posture. Muscular imbalances often lead to a variety of injuries such as lower back and joints including knee, shoulder and hip.

      Diana is passionate about helping others improve their quality of life through fitness and has a positive and patient approach to training. She truly wants the best for her clients – to improve health and wellness; feel better about themselves and their appearance; and to have fun doing it.

      In her free time, Diana enjoys putting her lifetime of passion for fitness and education to good use for herself. She has recently competed in numerous fitness competitions with great pride and success. Her commitment and dedication have landed her 3rd, 2nd and three 1st place finishes, as well as two Pro Cards. She is making her Pro debut in November 2019 and will be training all summer for the big day.

  • Joan Davignon, Yoga Instructor

    • Joan Davignon, Yoga Instructor

      Joan began teaching Yoga as a result of her passion as a Yoga student.  This passion shines through in her Yoga classes as she enthusiastically encourages and assists her students to be aware of their strengths both physically and mentally and to surrender to a higher vibration. With her knowledge and sensitivity, she is dedicated to helping people of all ages and levels to experience the joy of Yoga practice and to cultivate this joy into their daily life. To this end, she has developed a health practice promoting balancing life energies and the wholeness of the mind, body and spirit.

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